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14 -07- 2022:

MDRT's are back in stock

14 -04- 2021:

MDRT's are back in stock

26 -02- 2019:

No news ,just letting you know I'm still in bussiness.

24 -01- 2016:

Added vol pot for MP-2,price drop on output jacks,added fix kit for mp-1 classic.

24 -08- 2015:

MDRT's are back in stock

11 -03- 2015:

MDRT's are back in stock

01 -11- 2013:

Great news,Dante has setup a new depot site,check it out here

29 -10- 2013:

MDRT's are back in stock by the end of the month

01 -05- 2012:

MDRT's are back in stock

29 -03- 2012:

We agreed it wasn't worth relocating the server, as it's simply too unstable to work on.

Instead, on my recommendation, SAN pulled the harddrive, which is not in transit to my location.

On it lands here, I'll hook it up to a computer via an external diskbox, copy the vmware image over, install a vmware workstation, and load the image into this, so I can work in peace and quit on getting the data out.

A dude I know, who's a vmware expert, said this should't pose any problems.

I'll update ya'll as soon as I have this rescue operation up and running.

After this, it'll be a (more) simple matter of uploading and reinstalling et al.. to our new home.  I think.. ;-D


22 -03- 2012:

Not too good news, on the short term..

We got the server back up yesterday, did a lot of upgrades in the hope this would beef up stability so I could get the backups done.

But damn, the vmware layer crashed again, taking the remote connection server down, so I'm back to being unable to connect.

I almost had one of the two backups done.  If only it would survive one backup at a time, I could shut down te vmware layer while doing the upload, and then rinse and repeat for the next.

The server is planned to be relocated to Peter's house, so it can be rebooted as needed, but this cannot be done until April 5th, due to busy job schedules.

Still.. it may not even be stable long enough to get the backups done, so..

I'm also thinking of simply having the disks sent to me, but it may prove

quite difficult running the vmware layer on disks connected to a different pc.

Or load the vmware site/forum image from the disks into a vmware workstation

on a pc, but this may likewise prove problematic, due to age differences from

the old unsupported vmware server to the current workstation version.

I'm going to have a chat with a dude I know who's a vmware expert. We'll see..

Not only is it most troublesome having the site/forum down for such a long

time, but also outright Bad Timing  (well, isn't it always..)

Seems I'm close to a new job, likely starting from April, and once again a

fairly demanding one. Had a great relaxed interview yesterday, next up Monday.

When the job starts, I'll have to focus more on my sports than music, for

keeping my mind sanitized and the body fit and avoid cracking up again ;)

Yup, the depot will be up again, but things aren't looking smooth ATM..


28 -02- 2012:

No time estimate, sorry..

Unless northern Holland suffers a much loved power fail, so the server gets auto-rebooted, I can't do anything until Sander gets home from vacation in about 1 weeks time.

Even then, he may not be able to service the router straight away, but will likely have jetlag and then go to work for a week.

So, it may take at least another two weeks - or a month.  Can't say..

When Sander gets back, the server will *have* to be moved to Peter's house, because it can easily crash again two hours after Sander has rebooted it.


26 -02- 2012:The adadepot is down for the moment while the admin Van is relocating the site to a different server.There are a few difficulties so here's the story:


Not so good news, mon amigos.

 As said, we have a hosting arrangement, and I managed to get all backup'd from the ol' server before she gave up, and uploaded to our new home.

 But but but..  I can't unpack the backup, the file is corrupted!

 Not all is lost, but I can't resolve this unless northern Holland suffers another powerloss, so our old server gets rebooted so I can once again acees it for a renewed wash'n'rinse, or until SAN returns from vacation.

 If someone in Dutchieland happens to have a 95 gauge copper wire and duely insulated gloves, now is a good time to zapp the powergrid.

It'll get repaired, power will return, I can work on the old server..

 Now, I can install new forum software, and import the database holding users

and posts, which I backed up to my home server right before the server died.

If this works, maybe we'll be able to at least log in, read and post.

Likely many things will be missing, but at least the depot won't be offline.

 But..  the next blocking event is that I can't move the DNS pointer to our new

hosting IP address, as SAN has the login - and is now on vacation.

We were sure I did receive this info, but it's nowhere to be found.

Until I find it or SAN returns, adadepot can't be brought online.


 We'll see what happens.  More news to follow..


06 october 2011: MP-2 and MB-1 noise mod kit in stock soon.

01 january 2011: postal prices changed,some are cheaper some are more expensive

10 oktober 2010: 3TM kits are available again,mail me if you want one.

8 oktober 2010:a year has past since my good friend and beloved admin of the ADA Depot died

8 oktober 2009:A sad day for me,my good friend and beloved admin of the ADA Depot died today.RIP my brother.

In memory of Jurrie Teeuwen
1972 - 2009

15 april 2009:

3TM kits are available again,mail me if you want one.

MDRT's are on order,these will be available in a month.

PCB's for other mods also came in,need to test these before i sell them,i'll do that next week.

9 march 2009:

I'm out of 3TM kits for the moment.I will have stock again in about a month.

Also i'm working on some remakes of original tubeboards.Since there's some demand for these and i'm running out of original boards to mod these will also become available in a few weeks.I will sell them as empty PCB's,as mod kits wich you have to solder yourself or as fully populated,solderd and wired mod kits.I also made room for the mod3.666 caps C3a and C10a so these can be directly solderd on the pcb,now you needed to solder these piggy backed on a resistor.
Available kits will be,original board,SS mod,mod4mkII and mod3.666

A monstercab will also be available soon and a 3TM ultra and a 3TM ultra+ (with an MDRT) will be for sale too in a few weeks

18 february 2009:

Have one 3TM kit left

9 november 2007:

10 3TM kits are available for order,just mail me if you want one.

5 november 2007:

Sorry i'm behind a few days on the 3TM kits,normally they come out by the end of the week.Sorry for this.

29 oktober 2007:

SS mod is available again.

Changes i did to the 3TM wich is now a MKIII

- i'm using micalex tube sockets wich are really high quality

- replaced the cathode bypass electrolitic caps with non polarised electrolitic 105C caps

- the kits will be supplied with smaller wima caps so you don't need to bend them to fit the 3TM board.This rules out short  circuits.these caps are smaller and of an excellent quality.

- i'll be using different colors of hookup wires to rule out soldering mistakes.

Normally the kits will be available again on 5 november.

23 oktober 2007:

Still diden't get all parts in.40 tubesockets are due 30 oktober,will recieve 38 this week so i can make some 3TM's.Still waiting for some silvered mica caps too.PCB's came in today and this time the correct ones.So i'll start soldering tonight.With some luck the first ones will be available by the end of next week.I'll also have some 3TM ultra+ MP-1 available when i recieve some MDRT's.

15 oktober 2007:

Most of the parts are but in not everything.Pcb's came in last friday but they screwed something up so they have to be redone.So i'll expect these to come in 12 days.So it will take 2 weeks longer then expected.Also upgraded the tubesockets from ceramic sockets to Micalex Sockets wich seems to be the best quality to use.Here's some info on the micalex sockets.

bulletPhosphorus bronze terminal pins with solder plating for a superior electrical connection.
bulletGlass fiber filled PPS (Micalex) insulating material to allow high voltage operation and protect against arcing

Now micalex sockets are more expensive then ceramic types so the price of the 3TM will go up a little.The kit will cost 5 euro more but i'm also supplying wima caps as replacement for the 3 caps that need to be replaced on the mainboard.

So now i have to wait for the PCB's to come in.Sorry for the delay but this was out of my hands.

I also have orderd 10 more MDRT's but i don't know when they come in.

Parts are also orderd for the SS mod so these will be available again next week.

28 september 2007:

3TM kits will become available in about 6 weeks.It depends how fast i get the PCB's.Normally they should arrive 15 okt,but it could take a little longer.Again i try to keep the price low by buying from different suppliers without sacrficing quality.Just waiting for some prices for tubesockets.Since these are the most expensive part next to the PCB the total will depend on this price.I hope i can get a good deal because i need 75 sockets.So let's wait and see.

I'll keep you updated.

9 february 2007:

3TM kits are available again,also ultra+ mods can be done again,got a limited number of MDRT's in and there comming in some more by the end of the month.

16 january 2007:

3TM  parts are in,PCB's are delivered on time so i can start soldering.Normally the kit will be available sometime next week.

21 december 2006:

added a new link with additional schematics,more to come.

3TM kit's availability will now be february due to the later arrival of the PCB's

19 december 2006:

2 monstercabs will soon be available

18 december 2006:

rear jack mod will be soon available as a kit.

14 december 2006:

3TM kit's are out of stock,more to come in mid january

14 july 2006:

updated stocks,all tubeboards back in stock.2 MP-1 3TM ultra (+) in stock .

9 may 2006:

10 3TM kits are available,10 more are almost finished.

1 may 2006:

Out of 3TM's for the moment,these will be available in a few weeks.

28 april 2006:

So it's finally online,here you can find all info needed to buy a mod.I'll try to keep it updated every day.It's not finished yet,need to add some pics and stuff,but the most importent stuff is out there.So enjoy.