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* A microcab rebuild to microcab II specs.

* Internall transformer for 110V or 220V operation.

* Can be placed between poweramp and speakers.

* Can be used for silent recording and can take a 2 X 100W load wich can be switched between 4,8  and 16 ohm.

* Load can be switched off.

* Will not be available as a kit,you'll have to ship your microcab to me for modification.

* I'll be offering from time to time fully modded monstercabs.

Pricing for the modification

*   160    *

* Shipping : 7.90 for Belgium

                 16 for the Netherlands,Germany,France,Great Britain

                 32 for Europe and the US

                 62 for the rest of the world

***for custumers outside the EU there is an extra cost of 10 euro due to the fact that customs in  belgium asks a declaration cost of 10 euro.

Pricing for a fully modded unit

* For european and US customers: 310 prior shipping included

* For non european customers: 336 prior shipping included


* Paypal : add 6 euro paypal cost.

* Bank transfer : free.

Stock modification

*  in stock.

Stock fully modded unit

* 1 in stock.

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